Tokyo Damage Report

Oyaji Force Field:

Like a lot of old Americans, I tend to see USA kids as kind of spastic. They’ll be talking with their friend, but also text-messaging, while listening to headphones. And they’ll be doing exactly none of those things competently:  "Let’s have a half-heard conversation, send pointless messages and sort of listen to music that we […]


2009 fashion predictions

来年の流行: 俺の2009年ファション占いン~ス!!! my 2009 fashion predictions: 第一: チャラ男が好きなブーツに合わせるために足首の骨の手術をもらいますという流行。 Shibuya guys will get their shinbones bent to fit their boots. 第二 恥ずかしがり屋の子がおへそにガーゼマスクを着るという流行。 特別なポイント:マスクの内臓の電気製品が携帯に電話がかかってきた時に”ピヨピヨ”と鳴く! SARS masks for shy girls with low-rise jeans. They have a chip in there which emits a bird chirp if they get a cellphone message. 第三 ”逆B-BOY”が去年おととしのダブダブジーンスをリサイクルするという流行。 特別なポイント: T-シャツも挙げた。 乳首も見えるかな。。。 "reverse b-boys". 第四 サラリーマンが携帯ネクタイを着る。  Instead of […]

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I am living in Japan, and felt homesick, so I drew pictures of S.F.’s weirdos. Why??? Every city has homeless and junkies, and every city has regular working people, but only in S.F. do you see people who are just unclassifiable. The guy with the giant fancy cowboy hat, cowboy jacket, and Dolphin shorts. The […]


fashion predictions for Fall 2004

TOKYO FASHION REPORT. here’s my predictions for fall 2004. this shit is as accurate dude. this is all based on shit that i’m seeing around town. i figure if i just, like, EXTRAPOLATE it a little, it will come true soon. don’t look at me that way, dogg, I didn’t shoot versache. #1: the hip-hop […]

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Gandalf-vs.-Balrog MSpaint rap battle

Whether you read the book or just watch the movie, you only see the start of the battle in the mines of moria- you never see just how Gandalf beats theBalrog. Given Tolkien’s legendary love of chronic and bitches, We figure it went something like this: Spread the venom Hide Sites

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2004 Spring fashion predictions

ok, it’s a new year. . . this was SUPPOSED to be the time i made TDR bilingual, but since choosing ‘Japanese character set’ from the ‘page modify menu’ results in total gibberish. . . i can’t do it. what’s even more irritating: when i see a page on the internet that displays japanese text […]

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