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west toyo graffitti part SIX: shinjuku

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people-watching in Shinjuku station – drunks!!!

I swear, Tokyo is not that expensive. I’ve been to all the rock shows, s/m shows, taiko, cosplay, all that shit. . . but my favorite thing is still Shinjuku station after 9 pm. And it’s free!! People from all walks of society converge here, united by a love of getting piss drunk. Salarimen, goths, […]


more Shinjuku station war stories

I know i talked before about how awesome people-watching at Shinjuku train station is. It’s not a Mardi Gras or Carnivale type situation by any means, but COMPARED TO REGULAR UPTIGHT JAPAN it’s pretty fun. Shit, i go there regularly to people-watch and i’m not even a tourist. WHERE , HOW, AND WHEN- East entrance […]


Shinjuku fashion check

ENGRISH OF THE DAY: the drape is correct! NO RETAILER need hesitate in promoting the DRAPE. it is now the dominant style trend. OK, this is actually perfect english. but, i mean, damn. SOUNDTRACK: ‘i’m going to hollywood’ – fang. EVENT: TOKYO FASHION CHECK (shinjuku subway mall) Basically dead. Oddly, NOT from alcohol. Just from […]

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baaad place: DAIKAN PLAZA

engrish of the day: GARGLE GUM (from korea)   So, after all the self-indulgent ranting of the past week, i feel that some pandering to my audience is in order. and what better way to pander than YET MORE PERVERSIONS??   OK, first of all are two video companies: LOVE AND BOOTS, and FOOT-CRUSH.COM. aside […]

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tokyo skyline!

OCTOBER 24 2003 Today kicked so many asses I don’t know where to start counting. The last hour of class was like, ‘what? me teach?? just do home work for an hour.’ I was like, "so, do I want to do home work in this dingy little fluorescent -lit room. . . or, say,.. ON […]

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capsule hotel!

 Yet another Japanese Urban Legend which had to be documented. For those who may not have heard, Japanese businessmen sometimes stay at cheap hotels if they miss the last train. Normal ‘business hotels’ in Shinjuku might cost 15,000 yen. Capsule hotels like GREEN PLAZA only cost 3,000. why? Because your room is literally the size […]

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life in Tokyo 2:harajuku, kabukicho. culture-shock, Don Quixote

DATE : SATURDAY june 28 ENGRISH OF THE DAY: saw a flyer for some punk band called THE AVOIDED. SOUNDTRACK: ‘in the jailhouse now’ – O BROTHER soundtrack I’ve been in Tokyo exactly one week. Last time I was here, I did so much stuff already. . . went to punk shows, kissed someone, saw […]

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