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Russiagate as Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

All presidents have under-the-table meetings and back-channels with both friends and foes alike. Some are good – like diplomacy which leads away from war. Some are bad – like shady financial dealings.  So why is Trump the only president targeted for this? Why, out of all the real bad things he’s definitely done in public, is the single defining controversy of his administration about some shit nobody can show concrete evidence for?

I’m going to try to convince you the reason is liberal psychopathology.

Russiagate has a powerful hold on us because it fulfills not one, not two, but three unspoken psychological motivations. Despite all the bandwidth wasted on Russiagate, nobody’s even talked about any of these motivations. But that doesn’t mean I’m full of shit: I think these motivations are powerful precisely because they’re unspoken.

Just to give this article a ‘hook’, I’ve assigned each of the 3 psychological, unspoken motivations of Russiagate to their own Ghost from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.


You heard me.


Ghost of the past:  Communism! 

Though Russia hasn’t been commie in 20 years, prominent pundits and pols keep referring to it as such. Why? Most people would say the answer is simply, rank stupidity.

Being the voice of tolerance and compassion, I beg to differ! I think it’s merely psycho-pathology.

Russia isn’t commie – but in your MIND, when you hear the word “Russia”, the first image you see is Red Square or the Commie red flag. It’s a SYMBOL of communism, and the subconscious – where we rationalize all our shitty decisions – operates on symbols.

And while Dems don’t literally fear a commie invasion, they ARE terrified of Sanders and the rising American socialist movement in general. Unfortunately, their main defense against socialism is, “Well, that will never happen, capitalism is inevitable, there ARE no other systems, and to believe otherwise is simply childish.”

Having picked this ‘inevitability defense’, they can’t then admit they’re terrified of Sanders-like candidates displacing them from power. They’re kind of painted into a corner.

So they project that fear onto Russia.



Ghost of the present: REVENGE

Revenge gets to be the present ghost, because the present time might be the only time ever when libs get to finally – after 40 years of being called traitors, faggots, commies, weaklings, cowards, terrorist sympathizers, America-haters – they get to finally turn the tables on the Fox News crowd, and throw those exact insults back in their fat fucking faces.


Unless you’re my age, you can’t imagine the sheer joy, the tidal-wave momentum, of finally turning the tables on people who have dumped on you for decades, and especially turning the tables using the exact issue they used to beat YOU with.

Never mind that this makes you just as bad as them.

Never mind that this requires cozying up to the CIA, the FBI, the warmongers and conspiracy nuts.

I feel like Chris Rock talking about OJ: I’m not saying libs are all ‘guilty’ of psycho-pathology – I’m saying, I UNDERSTAAAAAAAAAND.

(C’mon, that was a good one)


Ghost of the future: GORBACHEV!

It might seem weird to talk about Gorby as ‘the future’, considering he broke up the USSR in, uh, (*consults Wikipedia*) 1991.

But since ‘future’ is the only ghost left, Gorby it is!

Besides, the ‘future’ I’m talking about here is the future of America. (*puts hat over heart and hums the Battle Hymn of the Republic*)

Some think we’re going to return to greatness. Others think Trump’s going to start WW3 even faster than Clinton would have. Personally, I think our most likely outcome will resemble 1990s Russia:

Oligarchs and mafiosos, seeing the end of the empire approaching, buy up all the government infrastructure for pennies. Regular citizens are left without medical care, schools, cops, and other basic things, and life expectancy drops by 10 years.  90s Russia was a once-great power which became a global laughing-stock virtually overnight, this despite still having a shitload of nuclear bombs.

Can you see why this is scary, even to elites who can afford their own schools, cops, etc.?

My argument here is that the elite Dems and MSM people pushing the Russiagate story, deep down inside, they know we’re heading down this exact path. They know this because in many cases they’re the same neoliberal dorks who pushed free-market unregulated capitalism ON Russia in the fucking first place.

They either ARE those people or they GOLF with them.

But since they’re neoliberals, they can’t very well say, “OK, we fucked up Russia’s transition to capitalism – let’s change course before USA also winds up like 90s Russia.” So instead of making neoliberalism go away, they try to make Russia go away (because it reminds them of shit they don’t want to think of)

The ghost of 1990s Gorby/Russia is terrifying because it represents the USA’s future.




Now I’ve made my case, I hope you can see that any one of those motivations is powerful enough to make a nationwide controversy, but all three at the same time? As the kids say, it’s fucking LIT. At THAT point, the question isn’t ‘How is this bullshit still a thing?’, the question is, ‘Why aren’t 100% of liberals falling for this?’

That’s why no amount of calling pundits/pols out for hypocrisy, rumors, paranoia, or outright lies is ever going to change anyone’s mind.  Because Russiagate draws its energy from the irrational and unspoken desires of the liberal subconscious.

I’m writing this because I hope that if these unspoken subconscious motivations of Russiagate are spoken out loud, everyone will see how childish and magical-thinking-ish the motivations are. Only by taking away the psychological motor which is powering the magical thinking can we start addressing the real problems.

Also, Neera is still a scumbag.

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