Tokyo Damage Report

reup ; 2005 winter design festa

  11/26~27, 2005 @ Tokyo Big Sight ok, finally. . . . design festa fashion roundup. thanks to the kind folks who posed for me. or, you can click the picture. ooh, internet! click stuff! woooo. also i love how she is accessorized with that industrial pylon.   DESIGN FESTA WINTER 2005 ? NOV 26 […]

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reup : INSANE: quill, ug man, mind of asian, pigmen

Oct 3, 2004   QUILL LIVESHOW as for me, i saw the BEST BAND EVER called QUILL but i don't remember them because right before i asked the bartender for 'your strongest' and she pulled out this fucking polish vodka that was like 186 proof. never opened. covered in cobwebs. holding it out at arm's […]

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reup: boob$hit, anthropic disease, one armed bandits, smashed cocks,

ANOTHER GODDAMN DRUNK PUNK SHOW Nov 21, 2005 Stay in bed all day listening to dark throne. Then, around 3 , I get a bootycall from Der Fraulein. She’s all ‘so what are you doing tonight?’ I’m all ‘goin to a show, later’ and then AFTER i hang up I’m like, ‘Now, WAITaminute. . . […]


reup: IKEBUKURO BEERNING: 4 spikes, epidemic, drunk bois, boob$hit

saturday april 23. IKEBUKURO BEERNING VOL.4 april 23, 2005 I AM GOING TO BE BRIEF because i have wrote about all these bands before 4 SPIKES . despite being the opener they gave one of their more energetic shows. the singer was all munching on a banana. EPIDEMIC My first time to see them. Just […]

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reup: afurirampo, gekitetsudan @ Spiral in Aoyama

osaka avant-garde band tour live. april 9, 2005 @ Spiral in Aoyama 劇鉄団 GEKITETSUDAN (iron theater squad)   These guys were kind of a rock opera. They had a lady on stage telling a story over minimal flute music, while ? on the side of the stage- a huge picture frame displayed a selection of hand-drawn […]

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  mar 13, 2005 SLIGHT SLAPPERS this band is the BIZZO. First of all, they are a big band who is humble enough to open the show. They just showed up at the club, plowed through like 15 songs in 4 minutes, killed everyone, drank our blood, and left before dinnertime. TC of motherfucking B. […]

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reup: 2005 summer design festa performance

april 21 , 2005 Ok , i have posted some strange dreams before. Some strange, ill, fucked up dreams. But this one takes the cake… In the beginning, I was at a ballet. But not a regular ballet. For one, the ballerinas were all naked and golden. Also they were dancing with a 7 foot […]

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reup: Sex Gandams.

originally posted Feb 8, 2005 the madness continues. Japan is famous for all things small, plastic, shiny, and imitation. Miniature plastic food. Miniature plastic robots. Miniature plastic human generative organs. So naturally I thought, "Why not combine them?"   the gun is a vibrator. arms and legs are from a Gandam. the body is the […]

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reup : sweef, anthropic disease, everybody’s enemy, deep slauter

jan 21, 2005 @Hatsudai Wall EVERYBODY’S ENEMY Vocalist was all choking the bass player with the microphone cable. Then diving on some poor alone guy in the audience. Bassist all hoisting the bass up in vainglorious poses. ^^ please email, the site is in english, and you can mailorder stuff in english!!   SWEEF […]

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reup of some prog: mandog, naikaku no wa, pochakaite malko

Jan 25, 2005 @ live-freak Japanese progressive rock shows are really unlike “rock” rock shows. . . .more like Classical Music concerts, but with booze. so i guess that makes them like CHAMBER concerts. OH! OH! CLASSICAL MUSIC HUMOR, IS THERE ANYTHING MORE FUNNY EVER??? anyway for one thing, j-prog shows cost like thirtyfive bucks. […]

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reup : catfight 9: diaper sumo.

SUNDAY DEC 11, 2004 I am pretty over catfights, but this one was pretty different. It is like the promoters said to themselves, “Hey, what is better than 2 women fighting? 12 women fighting! And what is better than 12 women fighting? 12 women fighting over a diaper!”   battle one — DIAPER WARS They […]

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reup: “adult english” book.

originally posted Jan 30, 2005 that is the title of the book. Also, the subject. from the pick – up (" How about that! From behind, your ass really looks great!") . . . to the suave bedroom talk ("Lift up your butt. I can't get them off ") . . . . to the […]