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MP3 post : going Psycho Killer on a Talking Head

new rap tune. listen or download. The supply of pundits is way too abundant We got to thin the herd yo Chase it and hunt it Because you fuckers is getting redundant They call you talking heads, but you’re just trifling filler If you’re a talking head, then I’m a fuckin’ psycho killer! Pull the […]


mp3 post: Ookubo Fukubukuro (大久保スタジオの福袋) – download link fixed

     ALBUM : OOKUBO STUDIO "LUCKY BAG" BAND: never GENRE: all types. YEAR: 2002-2004 download the whole thing here. – LINK FIXED sorry about that. Japanese stores celebrate New Years (one of the biggest holidays in Japan) by giving out FUCKUBUKURO (literally, 'lucky bag'): grab-bags of clearance merchandise from the previous years. You never […]


mp3 post: Fish Supply Failing

  download here.   BAND: FISH SUPPLY FAILING ALBUM: BLOTTALGORE YEAR: 1999 OR 97? PERSONEL: crow (guitar, vox), me (drums, bass, vox), ange (occasional belly-dance drums).       FISH SUPPLY FAILING (one of the many thousands of bandnames left-over from the epic Finger Lickin’ Grout marketing and focus-group sessions) was the sort of rappin’ side-project […]


mp3 post: 18 from ’98

        download the whole thing here.   BAND: Just me. ALBUM: 18 from 98 (aka 98-18) DATE: take a good guess, stainer!   In 1998, I got my first keyboard: a Roland Juno.  I was teaching myself to free-style at the time. This was before napster and free music, so if I […]

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mp3 post: finky binks

ARTIST: FINKY BINKS (pictured above, getting his flow on with gorilla mittens) ALBUM ; CHARLIE BUCKETT: COSMONAUT! YEAR: 2002 NUTSHELL: Finky wrote the raps and I made the music. download the whole thing here.   This is a collaboration between me and Finky, an East Bay rapper.  I felt like it would be a perpetrator/poser […]

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mp3 post: i forgot to get a rap name!

  download it here. Buy it @ Aquarius Records online store. (you'll have to search for "Schultz") Way back in 2000 I recorded a rap album. Did a couple of shows, too – at Gilman (?!?) and at a "rasputin's records rapper of the year contest" (basically a kind of anyone-can-enter star-search thing).    Fun […]


BORING GANGSTAS: when “real” isn’t

I enjoyed gangsta shit back in the more innocent, care-free days of  NWA, Ice-T,  Schooly D, and Kool G.    I can’t stand most current gangsta rap, but it has nothing to do with it being negative or stereotypes. My problem has nothing to do with ‘gangsta rap is too pop and mainstream’ or ‘too […]



I’m not talking about lines I don’t agree with what he’s saying. I’m talking about rhymes that don’t quite work, or metaphors that are rediculous, or general awkwardness.   OH, and my cube TOP 20 LINES  list is here:   I’m not trying to diss – sometimes the most awkward, failed rhymes stick in your […]



   1) Make him eat the barrel/ Modern day Pharoah/ Now he’s all zipped up like Leather Tuscadero -TEAR THIS MOTHERFUCKER UP   This is my favorite line – not because it’s the most “OMG I can’t believe he said that shit!” but because it is probably the best example of a line that is […]



Allright, kids, I’m going to wrap up Rock Rant October with a mega-rant about the BEST RAPPER EVER.   ICE CUBE. Best rapper of all time. You can make fun of his movies or his rap career  since the Lethal Injection album  (on his new album he’s got a whole verse about how downloading songs […]


Gandalf-vs.-Balrog MSpaint rap battle

Whether you read the book or just watch the movie, you only see the start of the battle in the mines of moria- you never see just how Gandalf beats theBalrog. Given Tolkien’s legendary love of chronic and bitches, We figure it went something like this: Spread the venom Hide Sites

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hip-hop and SARS

My school is VERY into the SARS. Along with memorizing the alphabet and taking vocabulary tests, all the students have to pass the SARS test. EVERY SINGLE DAY. The teacher comes around during the break and gives us thermometers. Just another room full of dirty diseased foreigners hanging out with thermometers in their armpits. Amazing, […]

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