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Placebo Headshrinkers

Has anyone done a placebo-style style of the effectiveness of psychology?

Like, get 100 people with minor problems (the kinds of problems affluent people routinely go to shrinks for), and divide them into 2 groups of 50.  Half go to a certified therapist of the “just listen and nod” school of therapy, whatever the fuck they call that style.

The other half go see Dave, who (unknown to them) works at the local gas station, but is wearing Rick Perry glasses and has been coached on how to not react to stuff, and how to nod in a subtle knowing way.

After 4 years of therapy, do one group of patients report more progress? Or is it about the same?

As long as we’re requiring shrinks to get certified anyway, shouldn’t they have to pass this kind of test in order to get a license? In fact, now that we know that’s potentially an option, shouldn’t that be the FIRST thing the licensing board tests for? OK maybe not 4 years, but more than, say, none?




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