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reup : padlock, dcr, max overheat, vibrations, sticks in throat

THURSDAY Sep 23, 2004 DEATH COMES RIPPING LIVESHOW AT NISHIOGIKUBO WATTS DCR — were ok. The singer was a bit more subdued than usual but the ‘string section’ was more agro. The drummer is in like 34 grindcore bands, but DCR is merely 'thrash.' I wonder if it physically hurts him to play this slow. […]

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reup : padlock, Asukari, ravings, SOMEI YOSHINO, black dress equipment, conclusion

April 28, 2004 —  punk show @ DOM I guess it was ‘new band night' because there was almost no audience and the bands were totally jacked, awkward, and just plain weird. But not surprisingly they were WAY BETTER than the ‘regular' bands that knew how to ‘be cool'. ASUKARI: BEST. BAND. EVER. These guys […]

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d.s.b. final show part one 3/28/2010 @ antiknock

Yes. DSB has broken up. The same band that I saw on my very first show in Tokyo almost 10 years ago at the Antiknock club, now I'm seeing their last show . . . at the Antiknock club. that's right: 13 bands. I saw 12, remembered 10. 9 1/2. Ten-ish.   Anyway.   DIGRAPHIA […]


UNITE IN FIGHTING 16: Padlock, crossface, tempest, organism, veihaz

PUNK @ 20000V , 高円寺 SUNDAY NOV 23, 2008 PADLOCK presents "UNITE IN FIGHTING Round.16" This was another one of those "Great Bands / Not Enough Audience To Really Get A Party Started" – vibe-having-ass kind of shows. Also, most of the bands had moustaches. Keep an eye out. CROSS FACE Crossface often plays with […]

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padlock, without system, inu magai, crossface

TODAY WAS ANOTHER PUNK SHOW. which means, MORE PICTURES OF BUTTS!!!! ALSO, here’s some kids. .. . Miki (on the right) is a university student. i asked him (in jest) if he’s studying to be a lawyer. he said,(seriously) no, i’m studying international development. also, that weapon he’s brandishing? not a knife, but a KNIFE […]

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dsb, freaks, hawk, padlock

Went to YET ANOTHER PUNK SHOW. one thing is for sure: in this mileu, the HELLO KITTY SPIKED LEATHER JACKET is an ice breaker, rather than the usual ‘make-people-back-away-slowly’- er. In the picture below, check out the youngster with the green mohawk. You wouldn’t think it from looking at her, but she;s really into Elvis, […]

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