Tokyo Damage Report

4SPiKES, rough stuff, no futures, pigfood, 00 squad @ waseda zone-b

This show took place on Monday, July 20, 2009 – 梅の日 (National Ocean Day) at WASEDA ZONE-B, without a doubt the most smoky, tabacco-filled, polluted, no-ventilation-havin’ club in all of Tokyo, which is saying something.  Short of having a show inside of a giant cigarette, or having SKREWDRIVER play a re-union gig inside of a […]



  somewhere in Tokyo NO FUTURES let’s zoom up closer on the chaos on the right side. . . yes. it is a punk melodica solo with feedback. the plastic tube connects directly to his lungs. the bassist is somehow in The Beatles, while the vocalist has traded his mohawk for this fluffy A Clockwork […]

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“toilets last live” at shinjuku penta studio: no futures, daddy longfeet too!

"noise punk" gig. 2 days. In a rehearsal studio.   geraniaum the bass player (in disguise as doraemon) got fiendishly drunk and spent most of the night loudly declaring "I love wetty cunt!" in the general direction of some Italian tourists. When you think about it, drunk punks act the same as drunk businessmen. THE […]

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SKA PUNK SHOW IN THE PARK: 4 spikes, no futures, angulipogachan, fatness, foolishness

A free show starting at noon, 14 bands! this band was of s Ska nature. I forgot their name. Can you guess what i remembered? THat’s right: patent leather pumps. next was 4SPIKES. Guitarist GOU prepares for liftoff. . .   the show took place near Yoyogi park, where all the flea-market people sell old […]

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