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Instead of asking Berkeley Riot People (AKA Loud Ninjas) why they are trying to beat up so-and-so for their hate speech… has anyone asked them who they WOULD allow to speak?


Like, who do you disagree with, but in the end, you’d permit other people to hear them and judge their message for themselves?


Who exactly falls into THAT category?


Like, starting at the extreme right fringe, and proceeding to move leftward into mainstream discourse, and then more leftward still, to progressive speakers who might have made a problematic comment 10 years ago… at what point does any individual Berkeley Riot Person say, “Riot against XXXXX, eh? You know what? You guys go on without me, I think I’ll sit this one out. I got shit to do today.”


I’m guessing they haven’t thought about this a lot, so it might be a fun way to get some surprising answers. Assuming they wouldn’t just say it was a ‘fascist question’.


It’s a shame the Berkeley Young Republicans or whoever are so set on their strategy of “keep escalating at all times until one of us gets killed, at which point POTUS can finally declare martial law!”


If they were smarter, instead of getting the most offensive people to do a speech, they’d get someone so INNOFFENSIVE that most of the Berkeley Riot People (BRP) would not want to protest, thus ensuring that:


1) the BRP would fight among itself over whether to bother rioting,

2) only the most insane 10 people would bother showing up, and

3) lacking the numbers to riot, they might choose instead to speechify to the assembled media, but because they’re the most insane 10 people, they’ll embarrass everyone


In other words, it would turn out like all the recent, abortive right-wing demos in Berkeley, but the tables would be turned. Which would create the perception that the left is losing, the right is winning, etc.


The only question is, who is exactly the right amount of offensive?


I’m hard pressed to think of any republican that wouldn’t get rioted on.


Herman Cain?


Maybe they should sponsor a speech by a longtime radical feminist activist who hates the patriarchy AND trans women. (wait, that already happened !)


Or a black nationalist who is convinced abortion is a white supremacist/ eugenicist plot which will be illegal After The Revolution.


Or an Imam who is against Islamophobia, government spying, racism, and queers.


Or Kamala Harris!


Or Macklemore. Holy shit, the Macklemore Riot!


Or put up 1,000 flyers advertising a fake rally where Dubya’s chief torture lawyer, John Yoo (who still teaches at Berkeley) will speak on how torture is rad.

Of course, he won’t actually come to the rally…. but even a bunch of flyers for a made-up event would force the issue: “Why are we flipping out about Ann Coulter, who has never made policy, speaking here one single time, when the guy who literally legalized torture teaches here every week without incident? Why has no one protested him since 2010?”


Damn it, now I’M back doing just what I was making fun of College Republicans for doing: escalating!  With such a plethora of offensive idiots on the menu, de-escalating is more difficult than it looks.

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