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reup: dsb, anode, life, protess @ Shinjuku DOM

Sep 18, 2004 I was supposed to go on a blind date tonight, but on my way home from errands I passed the venue DOM, where members of DSB were all hailing me. so i bailed on the date and went in. i was like, 'i can get herpes later. At the store. I'll put […]

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d.s.b. final show part one 3/28/2010 @ antiknock

Yes. DSB has broken up. The same band that I saw on my very first show in Tokyo almost 10 years ago at the Antiknock club, now I'm seeing their last show . . . at the Antiknock club. that's right: 13 bands. I saw 12, remembered 10. 9 1/2. Ten-ish.   Anyway.   DIGRAPHIA […]



 Oh shiiit! A 12-band show! Basically it was 2 shows in one: a crusty/jappacore show, all infiltrated with a ‘70s pogo-punk show. I have not seen so many good bands on a bill in many a year. I blew off GAUZE to come to this motherfucker. All the bands are middle-aged, pissed-off uncles. All these […]


Dog Soldier (portland), kriegshog, life, C.O.P., crow, destroyed natural beast

BARKING OF THE DOGS, SNORTING OF THE HOGS @ EARTHDOM   KRIEGSHOG   This was a show organized by HG FACT (Japan’s most venerable HC record label). it was the last show of the KRIEGSHOG / DOG SOLDIER tour, and both bands told me they felt some pressure to wrap things up on a suitably […]

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life, reality crisis, kriegshog

CRUSTY PUNK PARTY AT OOKUBO EARTHDOM   KRIEGSHOG homepage here: they have a 5 song demo cassette. Masaki, the singer, is fluent in English.     TOTAL NOISE ACCORD (OSAKA) Bassist had this amazing thing: he afro’d his hair, then put it up in liberty spikes, and then grew a chin-strap beard. This band would […]

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reup : freaks, deconstruction, no think, struggle for pride, nadacambia, idol punch, life

Sunday July 4, 2004 Went to meet Tha Manager in downtown Shinjuku. . .. But my nose was so fucked with allergies I had to go home after 4 minutes. Plus the shit was crowded as ive ever seen it in my life. Just fucking Calcutta, if Calcutta were sponsored by vouitton. I was dripping […]

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