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west tokyo graffitti part 7: takeshita-dori.

harajuku’s Takeshita dori area, plus "under a bridge"-style.   Spread the venom Hide Sites

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west tokyo graffitti TWO : harajuku

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although it’s in tokyo’s ‘wacky fashion’ neighborhood, this parade is not, as you might expect, a bunch of cosplay kids or glam rock lolitas. it was a bunch of little kids with their parents. because after all, for cosplay kids, everyday is haloween. the parade started off with an asian-style marching band. then came the […]

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2005 Gay Pride parade

  in Harajuku!. it is the first time in 3 years apparently there have been enough gay people in japan to march. maybe that is why there is a great feeling of, not to be corny, but all different kinds of people coming together, long-lost friends reunited and such. A bear in a schoolgirl uniform […]

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2005 spring Tokyo fashion report

First off, all the gothy visual kei kids have suddenly (and I mean SUDDENLY) all totally gotten happy. Everyone is dressed in candy colors with stripes and polkadots and 1,000 plastic bracelets. I asked the 2 guys and 2 girls in this photo above (guess) where this look comes from and they responded in perfect […]

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Harajuku fashion police

hey look, right in Harajuku . . . just when you thought it was safe to wear that 40,000yen ‘smokey and the bandit’ t-shirt . .. it’s the FASHION POLICE. i’m not joking. i took this photo right in tokyo’s trendiest shopping mall neighborhood, where these guys were getting busy. i SWEAR they’re writing a […]

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grindcore hanami

ENGRISH OF THE DAY: SOUNDTRACK: death metal EVENT: hanami Today marks the beginning of the 3 fuckin’ days a year when the cherry blossoms bloom, which means I have to go hanami. Hanami is Japanese for ‘watching the cherry blossoms’. . . which is English for ‘getting totally hammered on cheap sake’. Hanami is a […]

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life in Tokyo 2:harajuku, kabukicho. culture-shock, Don Quixote

DATE : SATURDAY june 28 ENGRISH OF THE DAY: saw a flyer for some punk band called THE AVOIDED. SOUNDTRACK: ‘in the jailhouse now’ – O BROTHER soundtrack I’ve been in Tokyo exactly one week. Last time I was here, I did so much stuff already. . . went to punk shows, kissed someone, saw […]

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