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Hanami in the graveyard!!!

Everyone knows I’m crazy about Yanaka Cemetary. It’s got Shogun tombs, feral cats, spooky crows, AND a jungle gym! Plus this blank, ‘insert-name-here’ tombstone: Available on a first-come-first-served basis!     But that’s not what I’m posting about. I’m posting HANAMI photos of the cemetary. A sort of "zombie hanami" for September (September being the point […]


crows and cherry blossoms!

Crows are a trip – they have this very elegant, all-black-shillouete appearance . . . very Chanel, very Audrey-Hepburn-in-a-little-black-dress. But their behavior is the opposite- they are crude, rude scavenger motherfuckers who constantly squabble and eat trash. Basically they are pigeons wearing smooth duds. Plus on top of that you gotta factor in the whole […]

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YANAKA BOCHI, nishi-nippori (near ueno), April 2nd.   Normally i don’t post touristy stuff or "culturally englightening" stuff but what the fuck it’s hanami! (the very traditional cherry-blossom – look-at-and-drink party). I mean they even got fuckin Shoguns buried up in yanaka. Who could pass up the once-a-year chance to do hanami in a graveyard […]

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April Fools’ day graveyard hanami punk show

APRIL FOOL’S DAY LIVE   what’s better than regular hanami (cherry blossom viewing)? PUNK HANAMI! what’s better than regular punk hanami? punk hanami in a graveyard at night!! what’s even better than that? punk graveyard hanami with live music all no-permission style!! the absurdity of this was not lot on the promoter, mr. Ma-chan: he […]

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