Tokyo Damage Report

reup : ‘a la mode night’ Goth/loli party- MEDICAL FETISH version

April 2, 2004 ENGRISH OF THE DAY: 'sars' graffiti tag, harajuku   EVENT: a la mode night   Nurses who look like they’ve been practicing surgery on themselves, patients who think being broken is ‘cute’, plenty of fake blood and gauze bandages. . . stuffed animals that have suffered grevious bodily harm. . .these are […]


Tokyo garbage report 7: update

tokyo GARBAGE report #7 special update and stuff above, yoyogi park garbage dump. above, cemetary garbage. dead flowers for dead people! extension, shinjuku, 9/29 smooshy smooshy truck, shinjuku station, midnight. your blog (my foot shown for size comparison)   yamanote line, 12:30 AM. the rest of the train was packed like a moshpit, except this […]

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Tokyo garbage report 6: all-garbage city!

GRAND FINALE: THE ‘ALL GARBAGE’ TOKYO! Today’s installment is a bit different. for the big finale (did i mention this is the finale?) instead of a bunch of small pictures, i am uploading a single 1.5 megabite photoshop image which is just disgusting and amazing. or maybe just big. anyway i turned tokyo into an […]

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Tokyo garbage report 5: garbage vocabulary

ok, i’ll attempt a brief taxonomy of japanese garbage, because why? filth is a great way to learn, stupid! sure, anyone can learn dumb words about ‘which way to the airport?’ and ‘how much is that used panty?’ or whatever, but if we are really going to have international world-type peace, we need to understand […]

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Tokyo garbage report 3: bikes

tokyo GARBAGE report part 3: since tokyo doesn’t have enough garbage cans, people turn the ‘cargos’ (engrish for ‘the little basket on the front of your bike’) into impromptu waste bins. But only if you’re away from your bike for more than 30 seconds. here is, for example, a bike left alone for 35 seconds: […]

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Tokyo garbage report 4: kabuki cho!

tokyo GARBAGE report part 4: ok, part 3 was kind of lame. but this new part will rule!! i was going on a mad, manic-depressive-mood-swing-powered all night bike ride last week and wound up in Hookertown at 3 am. i was like, damn,if the rest of the city’s garbage is dirty,i wonder what the kabuki-cho […]

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Tokyo garbage part 2: construction

tokyo GARBAGE report part 2: in part one, i noted that the garbage of this city is as distinctive as the pop culture. here i’ll continue whomping this somewhat dubious thesis into the ground. THIS time i’ll be talking about the garbage caused by the construction industry. as you walk around the city you’ll see […]

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Tokyo Garbage part one.

now. . . for something completely different: that’s right. i’m taking this whole shmeal in a different direction! tokyo garbage report!!!!! in addition to unique, iconic subucultures, fashion, etc. . . tokyo has LOTS of good, iconic garbage. for instance, the ROUND HOLED RECYCLING bins that are always right next to the drink vending machines. […]

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