Tokyo Damage Report

reup : DOOOM: gallhammer, dot (.), dead pan speakers, psycho to black, tori corona, mothra

Sep 24, 2004 name of the  show: "EVIL FROM HELL"     i am considering giving up drinking.  As an experiment, i went to this show sober, but that is so rare, i kept THINKING i was drunk.  i was like, 'stupid alcohol, making me  balance an expensive camera on my knee while i tie […]

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reup : doom : dot (.), FID, gallhammer, evilspeak, dead pan speakers at Watts.

  the japanese balcony: yes, it's 5 inches deep.   EVENT: F.I.D. at watts Apr 11, 2004       —- BAND ONE : EVIL SPEAK. . . A good combination of super slow parts where each note is like a hammer, and semi-slow stoner parts and fast, fake-discharge parts. Also good poses and possibly […]

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zeni geva, gallhammer, pigmen

  fri Dec. 4th, 2009 @ earth-dom   This was an odd show because ZENI GEVA is famous overseas but gets very very few props in their native land. When I got here, the first band was starting, there were only 3 people in the audience, Mr. Yoshida (ruins’ and ZG drummer) was in the […]

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gallhammer, optrum, stupid babies go mad at earthdom.

  gallhammer i already did like 100 reports of them so I will spare you the details this time. risa, drums: Gallhammer is coming to europe! check the dates on their web site.   mika, guitar and face: I am not really liking the new Gallhammer stuff so much, but her faces keep getting more […]

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Asunder (Oakland), corrupted, butcher abc, su19b, funeral moth, coffins, gallhammer

asunder and corrupted at asakusa extreme, october 9th, 2006 For some time, I’ve been worried about, how to write my concert reviews. how much detail should i go into? if i start talking about words such as `grind`, `jun-jun`, and "discharge-ish," non musicians will grow confused, but if i stop to explain every subgenre, musicians […]

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gallhammer, coffins, su19b, anatomia

sunday may 9 , 2004 i really hate to do this to you guys but. . . yet another metal show. as usual click on the pictures to go to the image gallery. BAND NAME: GALL HAMMER Where from: tokyo How long they’ve been around: 1 year? Featuring ex members of: meat slave, death comes […]

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