Tokyo Damage Report

late summer ENGRISH

 FIrst of all – welcome to the magical musical world of DICK MINE.   DICK MINE (ディック 三根) was a pop singer of the 1930s. You can find more videos HERE. Cole Porter was always trying to hang around the dude. Anyway, next.   above, a banner: THIS MONTH IS ‘ANTI-ILLEGAL-IMMIGRANT-LABORERS-COUNTERMEASURES-MONTH in 3-foot-high letters. The banner was […]


Engrish food.

engrish food products     I’m not going to turn this into a PC rant or anything, but what the hell? The pringles on the supermarket shelf right next to this was like, texas BBQ flavor and french consomme soup flavor. How do Japanese people decide which foreign flavor is ethnic? french aren’t ethnic? try […]

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last day of Japan trip : Osaka!

Ok, now normally I would rest up after a 20 day trip. After all, I am over 49 years old and with a wooden leg and glass teeth and all. But I still have one day left on my Japan Rail “travel unlimited miles for free” pass so I figure I should go to fucking […]

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Baseball menu

SOUNDTRACK: lisa lisa with Cult Jam (accompanied by images of a dancing, human Bender) EVENT: TOKYO DOME RESTARAUNT theme restaraunts are annoying in America. All being contrived and trying too hard, and an atmosphere of forced fun. Plus the meals all have these asanine, desperate names that try to link the generic fast-food cuisine to […]

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Kappabashi! meta-restaraunts! plastic display food!

The fabled PLASTIC FOOD LAND turns out to be better than I had imagined. A huge street called kappabashi. the entrance to Kappi-basha is dominated by a GiganticFrenchman. i think at one point he was going to conquer Tokyo, but Godzilla ate his pomme frites and then stomped him all the way into this office […]

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grab bag: various interesting stores.

july 10 After dinner I just bike around, and see some old lady who is feeding the stray cats in an alley way. So naturally we become best friends. She teaches me the Japanese way to count stray animals. Then I keep cruising around, and find this utterly random, middle-of-nowhere, size-of-a-closet anarchist bookstore. Thank god […]

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Speaking of america, god DAMN it’s a weird country. i mean, on the one hand the americans totally like to push the little countries around, and even ignore the other big countries on issues like environment, irradiated foods, weapons research, etc. so americans totally dis other soverign nations OUTSIDE the country, but at the same […]

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