Tokyo Damage Report

reup : doom : dot (.), FID, gallhammer, evilspeak, dead pan speakers at Watts.

  the japanese balcony: yes, it's 5 inches deep.   EVENT: F.I.D. at watts Apr 11, 2004       —- BAND ONE : EVIL SPEAK. . . A good combination of super slow parts where each note is like a hammer, and semi-slow stoner parts and fast, fake-discharge parts. Also good poses and possibly […]

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cps / sex:virgin killer / FxIxD / marbullmen / nanox

Jan 19th @ NAKANO MOON-STEP:   marbullmen a Marbullmen play very generic thrash. The singer and one guitarist go berzerk but mostly it is meh. It's possible that – if there was a big audience moshing – they could have been enjoyable. But on the other hand, thrash without stop-start breaks or mosh parts or […]


KOIWA DEATH FEST: Cataplexy, Deathscythe, FID, detirium, ethereal sin, defiled, deadly spawn

 @ KOIWA EM7   9 bands, 8 hours, 7 fatalities, 0 posers. DEATHSCYTHE bassist had this pretty rockin’ Stray Cats haircut to go with his corpse-paint. So right away I knew to expect the unexpected. And the Dark Lord, but mostly the unexpected. double headbang photo! below, the singer plays a Hair Flute. Is that […]

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cps, fid, cosmic neurose, chaos engine!

SUCKER-FREE SHOW AT NISHI-OGIKUBO UEN 10/28/2007 in your FACE This was one of those perfect live shows when all the bands jumped around and attacked the audience, there wasn’t 100 people smoking, and the fans got down. COSMIC NERUOSE Note homey’s love and rockets shirt. I think he wears it every time he plays. These […]

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@ ASAKUSA KURAWOOD SIVADOH Sivadoh is a kind of new band from Kouenji. Maybe if you like 324 you’ll like Sivadoh. The story behind their name: it is not Japanese. At practice one day the drummer was just screaming because he was so aggro, and one of the band members apparently said, "Whoa, that scream […]

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GRIND: fid, squid, vacuum @ URGA

day 1 of the THREE DAY MARATHON: i’m supposed to move apartments, and totally furnish the new apartment, while going to shows every damn day. there is something drastically wrong with my metabolism. Every night, no matter how exhausted I am, I get a HUGE surge of energy at midnight, and can’t go to sleep […]

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