Tokyo Damage Report


  mar 13, 2005 SLIGHT SLAPPERS this band is the BIZZO. First of all, they are a big band who is humble enough to open the show. They just showed up at the club, plowed through like 15 songs in 4 minutes, killed everyone, drank our blood, and left before dinnertime. TC of motherfucking B. […]

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reup : DOOOM: gallhammer, dot (.), dead pan speakers, psycho to black, tori corona, mothra

Sep 24, 2004 name of the  show: "EVIL FROM HELL"     i am considering giving up drinking.  As an experiment, i went to this show sober, but that is so rare, i kept THINKING i was drunk.  i was like, 'stupid alcohol, making me  balance an expensive camera on my knee while i tie […]

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reup : doom : dot (.), FID, gallhammer, evilspeak, dead pan speakers at Watts.

  the japanese balcony: yes, it's 5 inches deep.   EVENT: F.I.D. at watts Apr 11, 2004       —- BAND ONE : EVIL SPEAK. . . A good combination of super slow parts where each note is like a hammer, and semi-slow stoner parts and fast, fake-discharge parts. Also good poses and possibly […]

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SU19B, DOT (.), SITHTHER @ 20000V

  June 21, 2009 in Kouenji: BITCH SHIFTER OVERDRIVE ‘Bitch Shifter Overdrive’ is a series of live shows that SITHTHER puts on to promote doom bands with female members.   CURSE OF MARY MAGDALEN    This was one of those bands where you could totally see what they were trying to do but it just […]

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BITCH SHIFTER OVERDRIVE VOL.1 MARCH 15TH@KOUENJI ROOTS   SITHTHER Sithther (an unfortunate combination of ‘The Sith’ and ‘sister’) play a fairly original style of rock music.  Maybe it’s more useful to say they have around 4 styles:  heavy, slow, mathy, odd-metered prog, psychedelic (everyone has like 30 pedals), and yelly heavy metal that sounds like […]


DOOM: dot (.), coffins, snowline, songs from thousand downfall, zenocide, sithter

THE NOISE UNDERGROUND #3 @ earthdom, snowline They played very generic atmospheric-post-hardcore, mostly in 6/8. for those of you who do not know what atmospheric post-hardcore is, don’t worry. you are not missing anything. A. P-HC is bands like ISIS or OLD MAN GLOOM that make the audience sit through like 10 minutes of quiet, […]

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dot (.), voco protesta, everybody’s enemy, low vision, encroached

jesus christ, another Punk show????? @ musashi-shouganai This show was amazing because it was under ten dollars, and because almost no one smoked. On the other hand, the live-house was the size of my bedroom, or your ass, and on top of that no one danced. On the third hand, the sound was like 10 […]

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