Tokyo Damage Report

June Decay

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reup: Gangsta-punk cholo live: DSB, decay, fc five, dsl, public domain, elements 4 upward

[HARD CORE FUNZINE 侍 PRESENTS ~ TALK 4 MAKIN'IT REAL vol,24] July 10, 2004     the theme of tonight’s show was, “DON’T YOU HATE IT WHEN YOUR MUSCLEBOUND ARMS BECOME SO TOTALLY THICK THAT YOU CAN’T TIE YOUR OWN BANDANA ANYMORE?” I have to admit this is not a question which I had ever […]

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the OTHER tokyo decadance:

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the distressed pylons of Shirokane

 On Aug 4th, I biked to the Meguro Nature Study Garden (something I’d reccomend to everyone) On the way, I passed these amazing, decayed pylons (traffic cones) – the decay made weird patterns that seemed more like modern art than anything else:     Spread the venom Hide Sites

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urban decay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Tokyo is a pretty clean city, so it’s fun to discover dark corners. I first became obsessed with filthy textures while I was out taking pictures of graffitti- there were some spots where stickers had been applied and torn off and re-applied so many times, the  resulting archaeological layers of schmutz were more interesting than […]