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mp3 post: Fish Supply Failing

  download here.   BAND: FISH SUPPLY FAILING ALBUM: BLOTTALGORE YEAR: 1999 OR 97? PERSONEL: crow (guitar, vox), me (drums, bass, vox), ange (occasional belly-dance drums).       FISH SUPPLY FAILING (one of the many thousands of bandnames left-over from the epic Finger Lickin’ Grout marketing and focus-group sessions) was the sort of rappin’ side-project […]


mp3 post: Finger Lickin’ Grout

        In 1995, me and some friends made a band:  Adjetive Noun (sic), which was a hardcore punk band about smashing the system/Man/scene.  We had one song. However, despite our uncompromising war with authority, corporations, and bands-with-more-than-one-song, we had a deep, dark secret: in our spare time, we played PROGRESSIVE ROCK with […]


d.s.b. final show part one 3/28/2010 @ antiknock

Yes. DSB has broken up. The same band that I saw on my very first show in Tokyo almost 10 years ago at the Antiknock club, now I'm seeing their last show . . . at the Antiknock club. that's right: 13 bands. I saw 12, remembered 10. 9 1/2. Ten-ish.   Anyway.   DIGRAPHIA […]


conquest for death, Pisschrist, crow, kriegshog, framtid @ earthdom

This show was INSANE. 6 hours of nonstop hardcore, in a venue where there was not room to move. In between bands, the staff had to get a mop and bucket and mop the sweat off the stage. This was not band-sweat. This was the same sweat that coated the audience in a 3mm layer. […]


Dog Soldier (portland), kriegshog, life, C.O.P., crow, destroyed natural beast

BARKING OF THE DOGS, SNORTING OF THE HOGS @ EARTHDOM   KRIEGSHOG   This was a show organized by HG FACT (Japan’s most venerable HC record label). it was the last show of the KRIEGSHOG / DOG SOLDIER tour, and both bands told me they felt some pressure to wrap things up on a suitably […]

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crow, guillotine terror, shikabane, 324

hardcore at earthdom 3/16 One of those shows where all the crazy 40 year old scary uncle punkers come out of retirement and have a party. The last word in this review will be "sac." CROW   Even though CROW was the opening band, they came out like "we run this venue. You will dance […]

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