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Aug 6 , 2004 YUKIMI NOT DEAD volume 40 @ nishiogikubo WATTS. My pal yukimi is one of the best people ever. By day she’s a respectable corporate claims adjuster. By night she’s a brutal maniac! Her house is full of 1,000 stuffed frogs, which compete for space with her huge obsessive collection of grindcore […]

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cps / sex:virgin killer / FxIxD / marbullmen / nanox

Jan 19th @ NAKANO MOON-STEP:   marbullmen a Marbullmen play very generic thrash. The singer and one guitarist go berzerk but mostly it is meh. It's possible that – if there was a big audience moshing – they could have been enjoyable. But on the other hand, thrash without stop-start breaks or mosh parts or […]


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 August 21 @ 20000V. "WET PUSSY GETS WILD"  show, put on by Cunts Japan.      CARRE  Carre played noise – a mix of harsh ‘power electronics’ and blissed-out ambient whooshy stuff.  Always kept a really low-pitched oscilator going as a foundation, which is the kind of noise I like.  Their set slowly segued from […]


CPS 10th anniversary show: cum foundation!

CUM FOUNDATION @ SHIBUYA O-NEST, 5/24/2008   CUM FOUNDATION live. This is the 10 year anniversary gig of CPS. In fact, all these bands are at least 10 years old. It’s a geezer-fest! Some of the bands were the best bands in Tokyo, but it was one of those gigs where there weren’t enough fans […]

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cps, fid, cosmic neurose, chaos engine!

SUCKER-FREE SHOW AT NISHI-OGIKUBO UEN 10/28/2007 in your FACE This was one of those perfect live shows when all the bands jumped around and attacked the audience, there wasn’t 100 people smoking, and the fans got down. COSMIC NERUOSE Note homey’s love and rockets shirt. I think he wears it every time he plays. These […]

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  somewhere in Tokyo NO FUTURES let’s zoom up closer on the chaos on the right side. . . yes. it is a punk melodica solo with feedback. the plastic tube connects directly to his lungs. the bassist is somehow in The Beatles, while the vocalist has traded his mohawk for this fluffy A Clockwork […]

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Anadorei, cps, macrochord, abraham cross @ Ikebukuro ADM

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 7, 2003 Took the girlfriend to see the dominatrix-punk band ANO DOREI (literally, "assholeslave"). Girl-Dominatrix-fronted metal acts are a dime-a-dozen (genitortures, great kat, Judas Priest), but as far as I know anodorei is the first Punk act with such a gimmick. Wait, no, I forgot about the Insaints. (the amazing bay area band […]

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