Tokyo Damage Report

reup : Dead (germany) Japan tour w/ church of misery

sep 11, 2004 go to the best metal show ever. jesus, all these bands are amazing. why is this genre not popular over here??? COFFINS Jesus, why didn’t I like these guys the first time? They are one of the best bands ever. Unbelievably slow and heavy with occasional Celtic Frost in the mix. Also […]

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cps, cunts JAPAN, coffins, carre, sine, hardcore dude, hair stylistics

 August 21 @ 20000V. "WET PUSSY GETS WILD"  show, put on by Cunts Japan.      CARRE  Carre played noise – a mix of harsh ‘power electronics’ and blissed-out ambient whooshy stuff.  Always kept a really low-pitched oscilator going as a foundation, which is the kind of noise I like.  Their set slowly segued from […]


DOOM: dot (.), coffins, snowline, songs from thousand downfall, zenocide, sithter

THE NOISE UNDERGROUND #3 @ earthdom, snowline They played very generic atmospheric-post-hardcore, mostly in 6/8. for those of you who do not know what atmospheric post-hardcore is, don’t worry. you are not missing anything. A. P-HC is bands like ISIS or OLD MAN GLOOM that make the audience sit through like 10 minutes of quiet, […]

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@ ASAKUSA KURAWOOD SIVADOH Sivadoh is a kind of new band from Kouenji. Maybe if you like 324 you’ll like Sivadoh. The story behind their name: it is not Japanese. At practice one day the drummer was just screaming because he was so aggro, and one of the band members apparently said, "Whoa, that scream […]

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Asunder (Oakland), corrupted, butcher abc, su19b, funeral moth, coffins, gallhammer

asunder and corrupted at asakusa extreme, october 9th, 2006 For some time, I’ve been worried about, how to write my concert reviews. how much detail should i go into? if i start talking about words such as `grind`, `jun-jun`, and "discharge-ish," non musicians will grow confused, but if i stop to explain every subgenre, musicians […]

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gallhammer, coffins, su19b, anatomia

sunday may 9 , 2004 i really hate to do this to you guys but. . . yet another metal show. as usual click on the pictures to go to the image gallery. BAND NAME: GALL HAMMER Where from: tokyo How long they’ve been around: 1 year? Featuring ex members of: meat slave, death comes […]

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