Tokyo Damage Report

reup : Dead (germany) Japan tour w/ church of misery

sep 11, 2004 go to the best metal show ever. jesus, all these bands are amazing. why is this genre not popular over here??? COFFINS Jesus, why didn’t I like these guys the first time? They are one of the best bands ever. Unbelievably slow and heavy with occasional Celtic Frost in the mix. Also […]

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Kylesa (USA), birushanah (from OSAKA), Church of Misery @ Earthdom

 CHURCH OF MISERY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shit! Church Of Misery is back with their old singer, Mr. Negishi. Dudes in audience was like:   Deeeyammnn!!   Negishi went hella wild –   I saw Mr. Man before the show and he was barely able to stand – all ‘wall walking’ to the bar to get more Demon […]

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church of misery, ogre, blood farmers

doom age festival v.4 @ shibuya cyclone   OGRE   Ogre won my heart by introducing a song like this: "OK, this next song tells what happened before the last song." in other words, ROCK OPERA. With Iron Maiden falsetto screaming, stop-and-start riffs (like War Pigs) and 10-minute bridges – but played by totally unpretentious […]

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electric wizard japan tour @ earthdom.

  in your face.     More than Corrupted or even Celtic Frost, this was the MMMMMMetal show I had been most looking forward to this year. There were problems to be sure — the venue was way too small to accomodate the number of fans, and 90% of folks could not even see the […]

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@ ASAKUSA KURAWOOD SIVADOH Sivadoh is a kind of new band from Kouenji. Maybe if you like 324 you’ll like Sivadoh. The story behind their name: it is not Japanese. At practice one day the drummer was just screaming because he was so aggro, and one of the band members apparently said, "Whoa, that scream […]

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eternal elysium, black cobra, church of misery @ earthdom

eternal elysium, black cobra, church of misery @ earthdom, 9/24/2007   CHURCH OF MISERY for some reason these guys, the best metal band in the country, opened up. I saw their equipment was already on stage when i walked in and said to myself, "Goodness, I gotta start drinking right away!" Luckily i had rum. […]

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Dead (germany), church of misery

BUTCHER ABC (website) What can you say about a band that sells souviner butcher aprons with their logo on? Butcher ABC was the first band of the evening to get a little dancing happening.   CHURCH OF MISERY (website) The crowd was not so jam-packed as usual so finally I could get some good pictures […]

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