Tokyo Damage Report

the passive-aggressive zombies of suburbia

Tama Reien (多摩霊園),  a cemetery that makes Yoyogi Park look like a parking spot. Located in suburban Tokyo (Musashi Koganei is the nearest station). Famous for being the resting place of Yukio Mishima, among others. Looks pretty normal, right? But what's that on the center right? Can we get a close-up? Huh? A slot? What's […]


kubikiri jizo (首切り地蔵) cemetery

Nate (from the Ramenate blog) took me to kubikiri Jizo –  just a few feet from Minami Senju station (those are the Hibiya-sen tracks there in back). As you can tell from the name, kubikiri means "neck cutting" – this cemetery was built on an Edo-era execution ground (further evidence of which is the 'namidabashi' […]


die as you live – regimented and conformist!

 Aoyama Cemetary! Built on a hill, so you can get yourself a little birds-eye-view of the grid layout:  Even after they die, Japanese people get to rest in terribly tiny, cramped apartments.  Pretty much the only thing different from the living Tokyoites’ apartments is, the dead get to have some greenery. Made possible by the plants […]


Hanami in the graveyard!!!

Everyone knows I’m crazy about Yanaka Cemetary. It’s got Shogun tombs, feral cats, spooky crows, AND a jungle gym! Plus this blank, ‘insert-name-here’ tombstone: Available on a first-come-first-served basis!     But that’s not what I’m posting about. I’m posting HANAMI photos of the cemetary. A sort of "zombie hanami" for September (September being the point […]


Cemetary Crows

  Yanaka Cemetary, near Nishi-Nippori: it’s not only a  home to dead Shoguns and spooky cats. (and more spooky cats!) They also got  HELLA MORBID CROWS ALL GETTING EDGAR ALLAN POE ON YOUR ASS! These are old photos – taken April, 2004 – which I’m (ahem) exhuming for this occasion. all like if you mixed […]


Yanaka cemetary

Then me and the Death Metal Ambassador To Poland go to Yanaka Cemetary. I tell her I’ve been going there for 2 years and she’s the first person I ever took there. She’s really into it as well. We see a gang of NoraNekos. (stray cats) (yanaka is full of old people who feed the […]

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2002 Japan trip page 4

Tuesday 30 nakamura-san, recover Yuko helps me move to cheaper hotel in Koenji. it’s only 5500 yen a night, about half what I was paying before. but it’s run by these two 70 year old women, nakamura-san and kim-san, who don’t speak any English. nakamura-san is amazing. gold tooth, shades indoors, nylons around her ankles. […]

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