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reup: IKEBUKURO BEERNING: 4 spikes, epidemic, drunk bois, boob$hit

saturday april 23. IKEBUKURO BEERNING VOL.4 april 23, 2005 I AM GOING TO BE BRIEF because i have wrote about all these bands before 4 SPIKES . despite being the opener they gave one of their more energetic shows. the singer was all munching on a banana. EPIDEMIC My first time to see them. Just […]

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reup : TOKYO BEERNING: disclowter, 4 spikes, boob$hit, disclapties

DATE: JULY 3 2004 EVENT: TOKYO'S BEERNING today was HANAMI. MORE witticisms, more whiskey, and on and on. I’ll spare you the details but suffice to say that by the time it was time for the concert my body was in pretty bad shape and my glasses were totally broken. which meant that I was […]

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REUP : drunkpunk show: 4 spikes, disclapties

DATE: SUNDAY MARCH 7, 2004 This was seriously one of the best things I've seen in a long time. 8 bands, ten dollars! Plus, free t-shirt. Besides being cheap the club (club ADM in ikibukuro) lets people hang out in front, and also loiter inside after the show, even if those people are totally drunk […]


SKA PUNK SHOW IN THE PARK: 4 spikes, no futures, angulipogachan, fatness, foolishness

A free show starting at noon, 14 bands! this band was of s Ska nature. I forgot their name. Can you guess what i remembered? THat’s right: patent leather pumps. next was 4SPIKES. Guitarist GOU prepares for liftoff. . .   the show took place near Yoyogi park, where all the flea-market people sell old […]

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reup : “holidays in the sunshine” drunkpunk live: 4 spikes

July 23 , 2004 HOLIDAYS IN THE SUNSHINE V.2   Tonight’s live was one of those things where only the band members show up. While it’s good to see my pals again, the audience never reached that ‘critical mass’ where everyone goes off and the gig has energy. I blame the right-wing media. Also worth […]

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reup : 4spikes @ Ikebukuro Manhole.

Feb 19, 2004 MAYBE 6 months ago i just randomly met some kid while shopping. he had no eyebrows, a wallet chain the size of your colon, and his bald head was roughly the shape of an upside down pear. i knew he was someone to hang out with. despite my total incomprehension of Japanese, […]

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